Alice LidellAquasiaArachnidanna
BastindaBungle, The Glass CatCaitlin Dudley
Candle of TruthCowardly LionDorothy Gale
Emerald CityGlindaGlinda's Great Book of Records
Hooksett, New HampshireJabberwockJack Pumpkinhead
John R. NeilJohn R. NeillJoshua Dudley (Author)
Joshua Dudley (Character)KalidahKing Kitrick
L. Frank BaumLand of OzLaura Coleman
Laurel DudleyList of Oz BooksLorraine T. Lamphere
Lost in OzLost in Oz: Rise of the Dark WizardLost in Oz: Temple of the Deadly Desert
Lost in Oz: The Mini-SeriesLost in Oz WikiManchester, New Hampshire
Meghan DudleyMichael DudleyOscar Diggs
Pina the PixiePrincess OrastiaPrincess Ozma
ScarecrowScraps, The Patchwork GirlTamara Dudley
TattypooThe Dark WizardThe Nome King
The Wizard of OzThe Wonderful Wizard of OzTin Woodman
Tommy MurphyTomy MurphyUtensia
W.W. DenslowW. W. DenslowWicked Witch of the West
WinkiesWogglebugYellow Brick Road
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